Build your Blog intuitively


Would you like to have your own Blog and do don’t know how? Well, if that’s the case, we have the solution for you. Learn how to install your Blog in an easy, fast and intuitive way through your administration panel (cPanel).

With thousands of templates and additional plugins at your disposal, the use of a Blog is quite simple and virtually eliminates any programming expertise.

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What is it?

A Blog (or weBlog) is a online publication of any subject and organized chronologically (as a daily). It can allow Readers to comment published texts (called posts or publications). It has the great advantage that the author of the Blog does not need to know how to build pages for the Internet, or working with code. It is used as a way to quickly disseminate their ideas in a quick and simple way.

Blogshave been used both by professionals and even by ordinary people in our society, for personal use.

Blogs have a more informal tone, so it receives criticism from traditional professionals who criticize the low editorial quality, but the fact is that the Blogs popularized the publication of content on the Internet. The Blog is a way of companies to keep in touch with your customers in a faster way than a corporate site.

The popularity of blogging is due to the following factors:

The growth of Blogs clearly shows a big trend, that people and companies have the need to share knowledge and show themselves to the world

What is the content of a Blog?

Most Blogs are used as personal online dailys, a kind of Super Twitter, without character limit and where you can upload images and videos.

There are also several users that use the Blog to publicize amadorprofissional journalism or photographic works. There are also Blogs that discuss professional matters more técnicoscomplexos (computers, Site Design, film, technology, etc.).

What is a Blog?

A blog is useful mainly to share experiences and emotions of everyday, it serves also to help other users by sharing their knowledge in a particular subject, make friends and meet new people, and of course, a more advanced plan, make money and become famous.

It is also used by companies for making themselves known to the world and to disseminate their produtos and, this way, solicit new customers.

See here a demo of a Blog (Wordpress).